The spatiotemporal modeling group from CIMPA is composed by two researchers: Dr. Luis Alberto Barboza and Dr. Marcela Alfaro Córdoba, and two students. The goal of the group is not only propose new methodology to model spatiotemporal processes, but also to create the computational tools to solve related problems.

The first project this work has worked on is the Regional Climate Models (RCM) emulators. RCMs provide high-resolution climate simulations that are important to investigate variation in regional scale projections. The objective is building a Bayesian statistical framework to emulate RCM output variables using output variables from Global Circulation Models (GCM) as covariates. This emulator is an alternative to the RCM runs, which are computationally expensive, hence it has to be computationally efficient.

The second project will start in 2020 and has to do with the use of wavelets in spatiotemporal models. For this project, the group will count with a new researcher: Dr. Shu Wei Chou.

Marcela Alfaro Córdoba
Assistant Teaching Professor of Statistics

My research interests include statistics and data science education, spatiotemporal statistical modeling, functional data analysis, computational statistics and reproducible science.